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We’re a global technology solutions company. Every day, we enhance our customers’ lives by helping them protect, connect and enjoy their tech.

We are an all-in-one solution for all things tech — to keep our customers worry-free when life happens. We’re here to set up the latest addition to your connected home, repair or replace damaged devices and even show you something new about the tech you love — no matter the device, the network or the platform. With Asurion, you can protect, connect and enjoy all your tech — making your life a little easier and a lot more amazing.

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$ 2.000.000 al mes

21 salarios
21 salarios 21 salarios Media salarial

$ 2.000.000

$ 2.000.000

$ 2.572.727 al mes

11 salarios
1 salario 10 salarios Media salarial

$ 2.300.000

$ 2.600.000

$ 3.000.000 al mes

10 salarios
10 salarios 10 salarios Media salarial

$ 3.000.000

$ 3.000.000

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